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Born and bred amongst kinfolk with great virtue and love for literature, Arpit was never truly aware of his inherent artistic skills. 

In 2018, as his school years were drawing to a close, an impassioned Arpit jotted down all of his school life’s bittersweet memories. Unaware all along that the twilight of his school days had brought forth the promise of a new light in his life. His memories took shape of verses and hence not just a poem but a poet was born. This was the turning point of his life, when he fell in love with the art of writing.  

He started following Urdu poets and songwriters, which resulted in Arpit falling in love with the language. His experiences of life, the ebbs and flows, love, heartbreak, and family, remain the pillars of his writing.

The Lifafa is Arpit's attempt to share his life experiences with the world through a collection of poems

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